Walls (Breakin' Down)

by Mitchell Bay

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A track that enjoi Skateboards asked me to make for them. Take a listen and if you enjoy please consider a purchase! Thank you.


Young DMX, stay with with my dogs pierce like bayonettes breakin down walls
This the code of a kicker so cold make ya shiver I don’t fold I giver if you bold deliver

Cause what we say, that’s what we do, I don’t ever play what about you?

still major league, playa please this honor roll you gradin C

Sleepin on me like grand mother’s sofa
I plan to post up and toast um'
like Dwight howard as I fight cowards with
mighty powers earned through hours of hard work
my bars burn like santika I am the leader that banned the preachers with my planned procedures
through with this foolishness run cool as pool business in Jamaica to break my day up place ya wajor I flip tricks like enjoi I been poised shoutout jerry hsu im buryin you while carryin two packs of caribou i dare you to stare into my cold eyes, get neck like a bow tie, my love of pandas got ya putting ya hands up decided to man up fly my plan up to the big leagues make magic roy and sigfried

On point as an arrow’s posteur
fullry flared Cairo Foster heir to the roster
filled with MVPs kill spit MP3s when I bend these beats
play my postion I was made to win it and to stand out you maintain sit ins
main frame vision through these four eyes hear me when I roar by
and score five women its just bidness now listen I end this with such presision im in this with such a vision I kill em zippered no thrilla or witness I rip it RAHHH and I aint talkin fitness what I rep got em fixin for a listen enough lines to go fishin I spit Pablo Esca-bars ask the barber I cut to a margian of little to no error my riddles wont spare ya scribblin notes erywhere you know It scares ya

Guitars and all the rise and fall, climbed in tall when the rhyming called, big bidness when im involved your grindin is off my timin is raw never binded to law


released February 23, 2013
Produced by Beat Engine.



all rights reserved


Mitchell Bay British Columbia

I was born a dream chaser, and I will die exactly like that/Just a young Canadian artist sharing his notebooks with the world

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